SPITE - from below

Level Design, Propping


A game inspired by Diablo. You fight your way through a city and into a caved-in cathedral. Level up to gain new abilities and survive the ever stronger waves of undead enemies.



  • Use propping and level design to tell a story of what's happened in this world.

  • Create challenging and varied gameplay. 



  • 10 weeks half time

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 4 Programmers

  • 4 Artists

  • 3 Animators

  • 2 Techical Artists



  • Maya, as level editor

  • In House Engine


My Contribution

  • My main responsibility were the games second half, where the player delves into a cathedral. To better convey a sense of chaos in the world, and create more living and interesting levels with a limited number of props, I came up with the idea to have the cathedral sucked down into the earth (diablo style!). 

  • Propping.

  • Level Design.

  • Enemy placement.