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Galaxy Express

Level Design, Composition, Game Design


A twin stick spline shooter in far away space. Control a ship, shoot down increasing waves of enemies as you avoid obstacles, and at the calmer moments take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery or listen to you ship's chatty and poetic AI.



  • Lead the player through visually pleasing and varied environments. Reveal new vistas in rewarding ways.

  • Use three kinds of enemies and obstacles to create a varied gameplay experience.



  • 10 weeks half time

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 4 Programmers

  • 4 Artists

  • 3 Animators

  • 2 Techical Artists



  • Maya, as level editor

  • In House Engine


My Contribution

  • I worked closely with my level design colleague to design 6 levels.

  • I propped levels to make them visually pleasing and alive.

  • I placed enemies and obstacles in levels to create rewarding and varied gameplay.

  • I wrote and recorded text for the ship's AI, and placed this in the world.

  • Me and my level design colleague designed three different kinds of enemies, and playtested to get the player ship's metric right.


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