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VR - Love in Transit

Modelling, Design Iteration




An imaginary love story told over four different scenes. First you stand waiting for the bus, as a mouse arrives you suddenly find yourself at a romantic dinner together, then at home with a baby, then at a wedding, to then wake up as the bus arrives and the mouse walks away.



  • Make a game without walking.

  • Let the player play around with physics objects in compelling scenarios.

  • Tell a story of an evolving relationship mainly by setting up different symbolically loaded scenes.



  • 5 level designers

  • 48 h Game Jam

  • Won one of the Jam's two categories: "Least Goat Simulator".



  • Maya

  • Unreal Engine


My Contribution

  • 3d models. Focus on creating many props and keeping them in a blocky style.

  • Iterating scenes to optimize for the VR experience.


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