Level Design, Propping


A zombie FPS where you fight your way through a hospital. Shoot and run to make your way through hordes of zombies, searching for ammo and health to help you along the way.



  • Use a varied level design to some times create a chaotic feeling and make the player confused, and sometimes guide through the level in clear ways.

  • Create interesting enemy encounters.

  • Make a level with a stimulating pacing.



  • 10 weeks half time

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 4 Programmers

  • 4 Artists

  • 3 Animators

  • 2 Techical Artists



  • Maya, as level editor

  • In House Engine


My Contribution

  • I worked closely with my level design colleague to design the level's 5 different parts. and make them feel both cohesive and unique.

  • I propped the level to make it visually pleasing and to guide the player in different ways.

  • I placed enemies in the level to create a rewarding and varied gameplay.

  • I was very active in coordinating and administrating the group.