Individual Projects
Here you can check out some levels I've created during my time at The Game Assembly.

Level Design, Puzzle Design, Narrative, Level Art

A psychological horror experience based on environmental puzzles, with a strong focus on narrative and atmosphere.

Fade Island

Level Design, Scripting, Composition, World Building

Explore a mysterious island to find out who's leaving messages for you. Learn more about this strange world to maybe find a way home again.

TGA Games and Game Jams

Here you can take a look at the games that I've been a part of during my time at The Game Assembly.

Releasing games at The Game Assembly has taught me a lot about the importance of communication and good teamwork when creating a game. I've worked closely with other Level Designers, Artists, Programmers, Animators and Technical Artists, and I've always strived to be an active part of improving the teamwork. I enjoy organizing and communicating, and love the feeling of working towards a shared creative vision!